Woke up in the morning…

Found out I was accepted to Calarts.



  1. sunsetfork said: HELL YEAH! (congratulations, that’s really awesome!)
  2. toobusybeingfat said: Congrats!
  3. rumpenstiltzkin said: thats awesome, congrats! cant wait to see animations from you :D
  4. vistalgia said: Congrats!!!!!!!
  5. mmonger said: CONGRATULATIONS-! can’t wait to hear back myself as well…..
  6. austenfm said: it’s no surprise to me! You were good enough to get in there when i first met you, and your progress since then really sealed the deal on their acceptance of you. I wish i could go with ya, congrats!!!!
  7. karsenslater said: WOW congrats! Even if you can’t afford to go, that’s great that you were accepted! UwU
  8. jon-of-art said: congratulations!
  9. elioli-art said: Nice!
  10. linttastic-artz said: wow congrats
  11. not2late said: congrats
  12. p-p-pai said: Oh my gosh, congratulations  : D that’s two people on my timeline today.
  13. ccritsketch posted this

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  • Posted: 16 March 2013